Why become a UNCCI member?

We wish to interest you in becoming a member of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI).

UNCCI was formed in 1933 but formally registered in 1978 as a company limited by guarantee. It is the only nationwide private sector membership organization which aims at promoting the Uganda’s private sector through effective business representation and advocacy by lobbying government and other development partners for a favorable business climate. It draws its members from several economic and social sectors including Industry, Trade, Agriculture, Tourism, Services and Agricultural processing among others.

Some of the services offered by UNCCI are demand-driven while others are supply-induced in nature. This has maintained a stable business relationship between UNCCI and its members. A satisfaction survey is annually carried out which reminds members of UNCCI that it cares about their ideas, suggestions, hopes, and dreams. If members feel like they can actively participate in all aspects of UNCCI including sharing their feelings of satisfaction or disappointment-their desire to devote time and energy to UNCCI will probably increase. In this way, both UNCCI and its members benefit from the member satisfaction survey. While UNCCI learns more about its strengths and weaknesses, members feel like an important and necessary part of the work that UNCCI do. In addition, knowing what the members want makes it possible to tailor everything you do to pleasing the members i.e. providing the services that members want and at the right time.

UNCCI maintains strong links with Government and further that, it’s a member of the following organizations; International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Islamic Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), the Association of East African Chambers of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (AEACCIA) and the East African Business Council. We have signed several Memoranda of Understanding with the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the United States Of America, the Iranian and the Russian Chambers,

UNCCI’s objective is to protect the businesses of its members from exploitation and other unfair business practices by upholding and implementing a code of conduct. To do this, the Chamber provides various services to members and sometimes, non-members as outlined below.

UNCCI offers Opportunity to change the business environment through collective policy advocacy and lobbying.

UNCCI organizes both inward and outward trade/business delegations at negotiated discounted costs.

UNCCI provides subsidized certificates of origin to exporters.

Membership events

UNCCI offers its membership, free attendance of monthly networking events, training members staff , information on joint venture opportunities sought by foreign companies, Business-to-Business Match-Making with foreign companies, free accessibility  to UNCCI resource center.

Extended Services

UNCCI recommends its membership for services required like obtaining passport, visa, work permit and gives recommending letters to other Chambers of Commerce Internationally

Offers its membership discounts when they advertise in member directory, quarterly magazine, monthly e-newsletter, exhibiting at UNCCI exhibitions etc.